Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Root Tech 2015

Being a part of this gathering was a pinnacle experience for Historical Family Connections.  Under one roof, about 5,000 people came to partake of the information, energy, and influence of Family History.  The classes covered ranges of abilities, areas of specialty, and a variety of technologies.
 Every morning guest speakers and programs started our day with expert insight on what the future holds in this world wide endeavor. They each told personal stories that touch humanity with the love of family members, and how the family impacts individuals, communities and society. Each presenter's unique field of knowledge enhanced our understanding of the growth and possibilities that is forthcoming.
 From cutout-paper dolls to cloud-saving technology, from hand-held devices to gigantic wall screens, family history specialist shared and enlightened any who desired to learn this work of connecting us to our past. This week was a treasure trove. This gathering, Roots Tech, lifts the lights of intelligence and enthusiasm for all those striving to restore the links of their families from the past to the present for the future.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Stories to tell

We want to connect you and your family to events in history. My father was in WWII, my grandfather in WWI and on back through the decades that make up the history of our country. This is an exciting adventure, as I research and rebuild the activities and happening of my ancestors, I am keenly aware that my people were not alone. Hundreds, even thousands of our families shared the same experiences, and now we can share their stories.

While each family is unique and wonderfully individual, all our stories are connected to specific events. Once we rebuild the settings - time and place, the main players - the people in charge, and the action - what was happening, we have historical stories to share. Then our children and our children's children will know how their families helped make history.